Neymar Jr’s Five State Qualifier

IMG_0984Redbull hosted the Neymar Jr’s Five QLD State Qualifier at the Brisbane City Indoor Sports Center over the weekend. 14 teams from around the state attended this Brisbane event to battle it out for a spot in the all expenses paid trip to the National Qualifier, in Melbourne June 10.

The State Qualifier consisted of three rounds: group stage; knock outs; finals. In the group stage 3 wins and 1 loss saw the boys finish on 9 points placing them second in their group.  In the knock out stage (quarter final) they were up against the All Blacks from Brisbane. They fought hard, but unfortunately ended their campaign with 5 – 0 loss

Congratulations to all the Redbacks men on their stellar performance at the tournament it was a great experience and fun weekend. Also congratulations to the other Cairns team – Tea and Bisquits – on placing second! These boys are off to Melbourne on June 10 for the National Qualifier. Good Luck!!



Group B stage: Redbacks 5 – 0 Silkey Wilkey’s, Etihad FC 5 – 0 Redbacks, Redbacks 5 – 1 Galaxy Men, Redbacks 5 – 0 SCU 1

Teams going to Melbourne: All Blacks (1st), Tea and Busquets (2nd) and The Internationals (3rd)

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